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Shape the Future of HR, Recruitment,
Staffing and Productivity!

Value problems and find technologically grounded solutions to solve them.

Every problem has value.

We value problems in HR, Recruitment, Staffing and Productivity, and we find effective technologically grounded solutions to solve them.

Together with new ventures and startups that we found, co-found, craft, build and fund!

Let us shape the future of HR, Recruitment, Staffing, and Productivity together.


We have discovered that small problems often slip through company-wide recognition.

However, if acted upon relentlessly, the right solutions have the power to greatly improve the performance of the whole company and even drive the entire industry to upgrade and reshape.

We recognize that building a new venture is never a linear journey and often it is just a question of being in the right place at the right time.

By founding, co-founding, crafting, building and funding we create

an unfair advantage for our portfolio of ventures and startups.

We shape the future and foster success.

We invest in founders, co-founders, teams and their ventures building the next generation of HR Tech and Productivity Solution companies.

We love determined, smart and fearless founders

that dream of creating extraordinary value and futures. 

Want to dig deep into juicy problems?

And solve them?


HR, Recruitment, Staffing & HR Tech

We are keen to bring alive the best in the HR technology spanning the process of Sourcing, Matching, Attracting, Managing, Engaging, Developing and Retaining the workforce, job seekers and candidates.



The Productivity vertical focuses on digital solutions that improve, optimize and reinvent the collaboration of individuals or businesses.


Pillars of our approach

B. Corporate Solutions

We partner with corporate innovation teams, entrepreneurs and leaders at local, regional and global corporations

to jointly develop new solutions to address their specific challenges and operational needs.

We do this through our custom-designed innovation strategy and by integrating the best from our portfolio ventures and startups teams, full of top-skilled genius members. The strategic equity for our portfolio ventures and startups

is established.

A. Startup investments

We believe and invest in founders building the next generation of HR Tech and Productivity solution companies.

We love determined, smart, fearless founders who dream of creating an extraordinary future, founders, co-founders, and teams who want to dig deep into juicy problems and bring great solutions to life.

We are also looking for innovative business models within Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East to strengthen our verticals-focused portfolio. As a strategic long-term investor, we can support the growth of new ventures at various stages of development with co-founding, crafting, building, funding, commitments, know-how, and expertise. We love to create and deliver unfair advantages!

C. Public Sector

Similarly to our Corporate Solutions, we partner with forward-looking public sector leaders in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and the Americas to design and build digital solutions that fit for the brighter future of our society,

to relentlessly build solutions for the world’s most pressing challenges. Our portfolio of ventures and startups get actively involved, bringing their best to our public sector partners and customers.

The strategic equity for our portfolio ventures and startups is established.


D. Mergers & Acquisitions

We are interested in small and larger investments in companies in the areas of HR Tech and Productivity

based in the EMEA AMER geographies. With our industry expertise and long-term investment strategy, we provide effective support in the areas of product, technology, data science, marketing, strategy, sales and business development. That creates a lasting impact for the entire healthy ecosystem existing in our portfolio of ventures and startups.

E. Shared Services

We help our portfolio ventures and startups to faster enhance their products, services and market value propositions

by providing Shared Services solutions and networking platforms.

With this level of close collaboration and partnership we pursue long-term goals.

F. Fluid Human Capital

In order to stay agile, innovative, adaptable and competitive in all of our projects we actively help to design and manage the fluid workforce comprised of globally best available talented individuals and teams ready and eager to embrace

the challenges and business aspirations of our ventures and startups portfolio.

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