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​Sales Performance and Grow to Scale Actions Delivered!

Get winning value proposition and activate our Sales and Marketing-as-a-Service.

Reasons to Consider Activating Sales and Marketing-as-a-Service
for Your Business Expansion Plans in Europe.

Speed to market

Outsourced sales and marketing gets you to market two to three times faster.

Access to the right talent for sales and marketing

Businesses acquire the ability to quickly source the required talent. On the sales side, they have access to lead generation reps, deal closers, and sales engineers. On the marketing side there are sales and marketing content producers, email marketers, and inbound traffic specialists.

Operational efficiency

The right systems infrastructure that supports outsourced sales and marketing, allowing you to execute cohesive strategies with all the data required for effective management and decision-making processes.

Minimized risk

We are ready to start business development and sales activities for your company in any agreed market or markets in Europe. By working with Aspretum, you are able to “test” the market in Europe or at any European market and wait to make further investments until your business is more mature, while minimizing your exposure to risk.

Sales for scale ups

We build and manage the European business of scale up companies during their initial stages of market penetration. By working with us, you will gain an immediate presence and we take care of business development and sales performance.

Outsourcing sales and marketing is more cost effective and lower risk

Removing the need for additional office space and eliminating the costs of recruiting and management, resulting in lower costs to get the sales team off the ground in the short term and reducing ongoing overheads in the long term

Immediate systems infrastructure

Outsourcing provides access to databases, automation tools and CRM, with both technical talent and best practice expertise.

Unity above the goals and stability

Sales and marketing teams that are not often well unified and fully synchronized. When you outsource sales and marketing, you will always have a partner who shares your goal of ultimate sales success.

Market penetration

We manage your sales expansion endeavors in Europe at any stage of your market penetration. Specific countries and verticals can be targeted. Aspretum is also capable of directly targeting and winning reference customers for you.

Inbound Marketing

Our mission will be to make prospects find their way to your products, services, and solutions. And we convert those leads to generate sales for your business. Inbound marketing helps facilitate all of that.

Marketing & Lead Generation

We know that the main focus of many early-stage companies is product development and technical optimization. When working with Aspretum as your partner, there is no need to worry about marketing and lead generation - all is well covered.


Sales Performance
and Grow to Scale Actions

Get winning value propositions and activate

our Sales & Marketing-as-a-Service.

Planned steps for your outsourced sales and market expansion success

1. We take a deep look at your product, service or solution and break it down into an easy-to-understand storyboard of values that cater to the buyer you aim to target. 

2. Our sales and marketing experts align to deliver educational content and product information that tells your story in a compelling way to the right people at the right time.

3. We do our homework covering seven areas of successful sales. We analyze your market story, content, inbound and outbound lead generation, opportunity development, sales process and marketing platforms.

4. We identify gaps and make concrete recommendations aiming to drive more leads and deals, fast and predictably.

5. Compelling story and sales messages have to be designed. We analyze what’s worked, map your sales process and your buyer’s journey, their needs, and pains.

6. We research markets to craft an integrated B2B sales engine, including designing campaigns to attack required buyers consisting of tactics like email prospecting, agnostic media marketing, pay-per-action campaigns and sales cold calling.

7. Performance marketing must drive sales opportunities. Sales pipelines will be supported by our content plan, editorial calendar, lead scoring strategy, and automated publishing process.

8. We audit your existing business market assets, go-to-market tactics and market penetration levels.

9. In order to scale up, we design a sales model that maps your sales process to your buyer’s journey. We create a map to ensure we have everything we need to develop

and close deals.

Designing value proposition - for viable go-to-market actions

By prospecting the market, we deliver hard facts and analytics that will help to design a powerful value proposition and go-to-market plan with sales tactics.

Grow to scale scenarios are delivered.


✓ Product market fit

✓Value proposition

✓ Go-to-market plan

✓ Scale up scenarios

Prospecting - reach the right people

We explore prospecting possibilities and design ways to boost your product sales by employing the best tools and techniques.

Relevant lead lists are created, and repetitive manual actions are automated.


✓ Leads lists

✓ Cold and warm calling

✓ Emailing

✓ Social selling

Sales - turning opportunities into business

We listen to understand and know precisely how to manage your customers. Helping to lead your customers through their buying journey.

Aiming to reach maximum effectivity by using the best methods and tools. Achieve the expected scalability of the company


✓ Customer management

✓ Pipeline management

✓ Sales soft skills

✓ Sales methodology

Sales Team Management - hiring and managing the best sales people

We process the sales force candidates using interviewing best practice.

We’ll help to create sales plans and compensation packages that will motivate the team to perform well, and we grow existing sales teams to new heights.


✓ Sales team operation analysis

✓ Sales team member recruitment

✓ Motivational rewards and compensation

Sales Tech and Analytics – use quality data and right tools for automation

We review the existing situation and recommend the best available technologically grounded tools to accelerate your sales and related processes.

Ideally, there will be established and fully used functioning sales and CRM systems and automated workflows. New tools help to maximize the quality sales time with less administration.


✓ Initial review

✓ Choice of recommended software tools ✓ Enhanced workflows with automation

We Integrate
With Your Ecosystem

We love taking disruptive products and solutions to the market.

We ensure that each client gets an ambitious measurable plan
to meet sales and business growth projections.

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