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Thanks to the continued interest of real estate investors, the Czech Republic has a highly developed and dynamic Real Estate market.

The availability of office facilities and space for production facilities has been boosted by major governmental programmes. An important aspect influencing the growth in demand for industrial properties is the Czech Republic’s thirteenth-place ranking in Ernst & Young’s annual global index of investment attractiveness (European Attractiveness Survey 2013) - placing the country in the top league of powerhouses on a par with Great Britain, France and China.  

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Prague is the largest office market in the Czech Republic and one of the most popular markets for office occupiers in the CEE territories and includes those who specialise in office-based Outsourcing and Offshoring (O&O) business activities. In recent times, the regional cities of Brno and Ostrava have started to play an increasingly important role in attracting companies involved in two of the main sub-groups of the O&O sector; specifically, Shared Service Centres (SSC) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

Prague, for example, is one of the core existing CEE locations for the sector and has already begun to experience an increase in real demand from the large SSC and BPO specialists.

Several well-established SSC and BPO centres are currently in discussions regarding transferring additional business here, thereby supporting their further expansion in the Czech Republic.


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