Czech Nanotechnology

Thanks to a growing interest in the area of nanotechnology in recent years and the Czech Republic’s high-quality education system producing a skilled workforce, many Czech institutions are able to operate with these unique technologies, to achieve remarkable research findings, employ excellent researchers and deliver top quality nano-industry production.

In terms of the individual quality criteria within the Presence of Industrial Clusters category, industry specialisation of Czech nanotechnology is ranked the third highest in the world, followed by South Korea, Germany and Japan. The top three countries are Switzerland, the United States and the Czech Republic. (Source: fDi Benchmark).

Czech Nanofibres 

Among the Czech Republic’s many success stories in the area of nanotechnology, the most remarkable is its primacy in the industrial production of nanofibres. The Global Nanofibres Gateway (, is a unique portal created in the Czech Republic. This portal provides information about nanofibres in a number of research fields as well as information concerning the size of markets for nanofibre products. The Nanofibres Gateway is accessed by companies and universities from all over the world and accelerates the introduction of new nanofibre applications while simplifying the process of bringing such applications to maturity.

Czech Nano-industry specializations: 


Reasons to invest in the Czech Republic

World-class basic nanotechnology research

Increasing number of research institutions, clusters and private companies working in nanotechnologies

Excellent research and human-resources potential of Czech small and medium-size enterprises

Primacy in industrial production of nanofibres with a broad range of applications

Regulatory and patent environment in accordance with EU standards

Czech investment incentives and the EU funding

(Source: CzechInvest state agency)

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