Business Formation

The Czech Republic is a mature host country for Business and Foreign Investments. It offers a very advanced economic climate, with a stable currency, a solid rate of economic growth, skilled human resources, low inflation and attractive interest rates. Exactly the kind of favourable and well-structured environment required for launching your own business and embarking upon a fulfilling professional and personal life..  

You can enjoy many of these benefits and establish your own successful business, located anywhere in the Czech Republic - the peaceful Central European land of opportunity.

Our team at Aspretum are all experienced professionals who consult, advise, and deliver the exact best-practice approaches, suitable for establishing your business presence in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, our suite of professional Services and Solutions (see above) can significantly empower your business ambitions, not just in the Czech Republic but also in the entire Central and Eastern European territories. We take enormous pride in supporting your ambitions.

Shelf Companies

Aspretum offers ready-made (shelf) companies that have been set up to meet all of the strict Czech statutory requirements. With a shelf company, you could start your business endeavours the very next day. These shelf companies have no commercial history and have never processed any business activity. Buying a shelf company saves you a lot of time and administrative work.

Company Formation

For clients preferring the establishment of a tailor-made company, the Aspretum team is capable of implementing such an enterprise. In full accordance with the client´s specific requirements. The whole process takes three to five weeks. In arranging the key steps, we:

Company Liquidation

   We can effectively assist in the process that leads to the company deletion from the Commercial Register.

   This is a comprehensive process and includes many legal, accounting, employment, tax and managerial tasks.

   The entire range of liquidation process flows are closely associated with the size of the company, its history and business activities.

   The successful completion of the liquidation usually takes six months to three years.


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